Kaba 2.0 Festival seeks to revive traditional Albanian music in the nowadays landscape of contemporary musical intra-genres while preserving the authenticity and the roots of this form of art. This not only allows for a better following and education of Albanian younger audiences with their native music but also exposes an increasingly improved offer of Albanian culture to foreign audiences.

The selection of Kaba as opposed to other existing ethnic musical genres and renditions has been sought for because the latter stands for a significantly unique traditional cultural offer and it is highly adaptable to contemporary influences and flavours. This includes genres such as jazz, dub, electronic etc., as well as classical Kaba as we (may not) know it.

Consequently, denominations of such endeavours may range from Kaba-dub, Kaba-jazz, Kaba-tronic, Kaba-classic etc. Every year, international and local bands will present their music and cooperate with one another in representing their music and respective fluctuations within the main genre..

A legend tells that a clarinet player was crying at his wife's death bed. She asked him to cry on his clarinet instead and as he did so he created the first Kabà.

Organized by ReK - Remont Kapital Cultural Center based in Tirana and composed by an international team of music and arts promoters, performers, visual artists, architects and urban developers.

The 2016 Festival is organized in collaboration with ANIMA PICTURE based in Tirana